Q & A

Q: Will all festival events take place at Macky Auditorium on September 25th & 26th?
A: Yes. There will be a main evening event as well as an afternoon Strings & Stories event each day. These events are ticketed separately or purchased as an all-weekend VIP pass. There will also be a Kickoff Concert at Rembrandt Yard Art Gallery on September 23rd.
Q: What happens if Colorado is not permitting full capacity, indoor events by the fall?
A: Though it seems like everything should be looking good by the fall, what we've learned is you never know. If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, your ticket purchase will be refunded. If the event is permitted, but at a reduced capacity, those who purchased their tickets first will receive priority admission and all others will be refunded. 
Q: Will the event be safe from a public health perspective?
A: The events will follow all public health protocols that may be put in place by the University of Colorado in the fall. 
Q: Will my tickets be shipped?
A: All tickets are digital and general admission based on section. Please have a photo ID to enter. 
Q: Will food and alcohol be available?
A: Beer and wine will be served at the main evening events. No alcohol will be served at the afternoon events. Snacks will be available at the venue. There will be a 3 hour break between events to allow time to go offsite and eat dinner.
Q: How does VIP ticketing work?
A: You will have general admission access to the first 15 rows at Macky Auditorium for all four weekend events. You will receive your weekend VIP wristband prior to entering. 
Q: Is this festival a benefit?
A: The festival benefits the Future Arts Foundation 501(c)3. For info regarding FAF, please visit the "Giving Back" page.
Q: Will there be a silent auction like last year?
A: Yes. There will be a silent auction featuring donated, signed memorabilia from some amazing bands and musicians from around the country including Wilco, The Lumineers, Phish, and more. 
For all other questions, please email thebluebirdmusicfestival@gmail.com
*In the event of a cancellation, the original ticket price, minus fees, will be refunded by the date of the event.